Grandjean is in the northwest corner of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area where ponderosa pines tower and the Sawtooth Mountains scrape the sky. In Grandjean, named for one of the state’s earliest foresters, time itself seems to slow.


Late 1800’s

Emile Grandjean moves to the Grandjean area via Copenhagen, Denmark, Nebraska and the Wood River area.


5.5 million acre Sawtooth National Forest created.


Sawtooth National Forest divided into Sawtooth National Forest, Boise National Forest, Payette National Forest and Lemhi National Forest.

Emile Grandjean, a third-generation formally educated student of forestry in Denmark, named the first supervisor of the Boise National Forest, with its headquarters in Boise.

*Grandjean was years ahead of the first Americans to receive formal academic training in forestry.


Babe Hansen establishes Sawtooth Lodge as a hunting lodge.


Sawtooth Lodge purchased by the Lockett family.


U.S. Congress establishes the 756,000-acre Sawtooth National Recreation Area which includes three national forests, five Idaho counties and the headwaters of 10 Idaho rivers.

According to Congress, the SNRA is to be managed so that “the conservation and development of scenic, natural, historic, pastoral, wildlife, and other values” are preserved. The enabling legislation continues to state that the use and disposal of natural resources like timber, grazing and mining “will not substantially impair the purposes for which the recreation area is established.”


Garden Valley Group purchases Sawtooth Lodge from the Locketts.


Sawtooth Lodge purchased by Headwater Holdings, LLC