Geothermal Pool

Our Geothermal Pool is filled with the pristine waters of the Sacajawea Hot Springs.

If you stay with us in a cabin, RV, or camping in our meadows, you have daily access to the Geothermal Pool.  If you’re just up for the day, you can purchase a day pass for $10/adult and $5/child.

We do not regularly treat the Geothermal Pool with chemicals, so we close the pool once a week for cleaning. We cannot guarantee which day the closure will be, as it varies based on usage and whether guests are showering (as requested) prior to use. Most often the pool will be closed on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

I have visited both in late spring and late summer – each time had something unique and beautiful to offer. You are surrounded by beauty constantly and the staff is friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

Kristen Taylor